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This fall when I was recording my Lady of the Lake CD, I treasured my online morning sessions with Alison before our long days in the studio. Our sessions were what gave me the freedom and strength to get through my very first recording session. She was able to accommodate my schedule, and it took only a few minutes to find our perfect set-up for our computers/devices’ view. The whole online process was very simple and effective. I have also been known to book an online session on a day where I have two auditions; and my session makes me feel like I’m ready to conquer the world.

If you use your body as your instrument (teachers, singers, instrumentalists, athletes, actors, dentists, surgeons), you should absolutely register for a session. You’ll be gleefully shocked/delighted at how great you feel, and how you can keep using the skills throughout your everyday life.

Anyone can take advantage of this - we can all feel the benefits of less tension.
— Maureen Batt, Soprano, co-artistic director of Essential Opera